Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What about Lady Clara?

Readers have asked about Lady Clara, who has played a secondary role in my Dressmakers series.

Will she get her own story?
Will she get her happily ever after?

Originally, I'd imagined her story working out over the course of the series.  But the number of enquiries about her future has indicated that this might not be sufficient. Her own book or at least a novella would be sufficient.

Since it takes almost as long to write a novella as it does to write a whole book, I think she's going to get a whole book.  It's going to take some thinking.  But there's time for that.

Right now, I'm still working on Leonie's story.

2013?  I think that will be Lady Clara's year.


Lori said...

She deserves a story. I'm delighted she's getting one.

Sharlene said...

Yes, I am glad you are giving her a story. She is a pretty, smart & a good sport. I am looking forward to Leonie's story. The other 2 were great!

Aly said...

Such a great news! Thank you.

Phyllis Lamken said...

Lady Clara is a great character and she deserves her own story.

Carol Cork said...

I adore Lady Clara and I'm so pleased she'll be getting her own story. She deserves her HEA!

Unknown said...

By the sounds of this post it might be too late, but if you were to write the third book as a romance between Lady Clara and Leonie, it would make me so, so happy.

(my Goodreads review of Scandal Wears Satin in which I wrote about that a little more)

Tazzie Belle said...

She could be the crossover into a new series. After all, Lord and Lady Warford had 6 children and Lord Longmore is already written. That would leave 3 siblings other than Lord Valentine.