Monday, June 29, 2009

O Possum Part 2

Critter Control

The possums were still there this morning. So we had to call the guy in the yellow truck.

He went into the garage and closed the door to prevent desperate escapes. He was in there for a while. Toward the end, I heard thumps and thuds.

Trapped possums Then the garage door opened. Some of the little ones, it turned out, gave him a run for his money, and some of that non-car stuff in the garage toppled.

But we think he got them all.
Bye, o possums. You'll be happier in the woods. Really.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Tempt Me in Cyberspace

Last year I learned the hard way that the time spent doing cyber appearances for a new release is not only time taken away from the Work in Progress, but usually works out to a formula like this:
For a blog or interview subtract 1-3 days writing progress on WIP.
As the blogs or interviews increase in number, the rate of negative impact on WIP increases exponentially.

This has unfortunate results on my mental health come Deadline Time.

So for DON’T TEMPT ME, I’ve cut back quite a bit. Here are a couple of cases of my venturing outside the hermit cave:

An interview at the Book Smugglers:

In Behind the Veil, I offer some interesting tidbits about harems at the Avon Romance Blog

Not everyone reads reviews. But if you do, here are some:

Book Smugglers

Reader to Reader

If you’re like me, though, you’d just rather read the book and form your own opinion.
It’s scheduled to appear in bookstores on 30 June.
I hope you like it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

O possum

Here's what I found in my garage this morning. When I walked in, Mum opossum didn't act dead but she did go very still, watching me. I watched her, too. Mommies of all species can become Terminators when they think their kids are threatened. The kids--who apparently have not learned the Play Dead game--went on wandering through the garage, which, yes, like so many others, contains many non-car objects. I've no idea why she thinks a pickax is a comfy place on which to build a nest.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The world they lived in

My research library contains a number of ancient tomes. It's amazing how many are illustrated. For which I am grateful. When I'm setting a scene, the history nerd in me wants it to be as accurate as possible. Thus it's good to have actual pictures of the place. Floor plans are wonderful. And maps, of course. Since my new book, DON'T TEMPT ME, will be out soon (30 June, if anyone's asking), it seemed like a good idea to launch this blog with some helpful illustrations.

The story proper opens in White's, a gentleman's club in St. James's Street.

Here's St. James's Street. White's is at 37-38 St. James's Street.

Here's White's and the famous Bow Window where Lucien's friends have gathered.

Here's Berkeley Square, where the Lexhams live, in the lower left hand corner.