Thursday, December 20, 2012

My first two historical romances

My first two full-length historical romances started a series that continued with Lord of Scoundrels and The Last Hellion.  My French publisher refers to the series as Les Débauchés, which I think is perfect, if not so easy to pronounce.  But in English, it tends to be referred to as the Scoundrels series.  I never gave it a name because I hadn't planned a series.  It just happened.

The last two books have stayed in print.  The first two, which were out of print for quite some time, have returned this year as eBooks.

Here's the series, in chronological order as written.  The stories themselves overlap in time.

(1) The Lion's Daughter

(2) Captives of the Night

(3) Lord of Scoundrels

(4) The Last Hellion

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My traditional Regencies enter the 21st century

A little while ago I reported that my out of print books are now available as eBooks.

Readers often ask about the order in which they ought to be read.   As far as I'm concerned, you can read them in any order, because I try to make each book stand alone.  Still, some books are connected.  The first four Regencies came in pairs, as a secondary character from one book got his own story in the next.  The last two are not connected. 

Next time, I'll report on the first two historical romances.

(1) Isabella

(2) The English Witch
(3) Viscount Vagabond

(4) The Devil's Delilah
(5) Knaves' Wager
(6) The Sandalwood Princess

Friday, December 7, 2012

Germany, Indonesia, Italy editions

Here are the latest arrivals from outside the U.S.
Germany-Your Scandalous Ways
Italy-Don't Tempt Me

Indonesia-Miss Wonderful