Saturday, June 27, 2009

O possum

Here's what I found in my garage this morning. When I walked in, Mum opossum didn't act dead but she did go very still, watching me. I watched her, too. Mommies of all species can become Terminators when they think their kids are threatened. The kids--who apparently have not learned the Play Dead game--went on wandering through the garage, which, yes, like so many others, contains many non-car objects. I've no idea why she thinks a pickax is a comfy place on which to build a nest.


Samuraidoctor said...

glad to see it's not just our garage with both possums and last year's leaves. At least ours appeared to be a bachelor!

Loretta Chase said...

Was that bachelor hanging around my house?

More on the possum saga to come.