Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We're at Being Geek Chic


My blogging partner author Isabella Bradford* and I are featured on this week's Lady Geek of the Week at Being Geek Chic, "a blog for stylish geeks, sophisticated nerds, tech obsessives, literary hardcores, and those who look for the beauty in life."

Followers of Two Nerdy History Girls are well aware of where our geekdom lies.  But this will be an opportunity to get some of the secret inside info about how we came to be who and what we are.

It's also a great opportunity to discover a blog that's filled with all kinds of fascinating stuff, very much in the spirit of what we do, but about Today, where we're all about Many Yesterdays Ago.

*aka Susan Holloway Scott

Cover of Harper's Magazine, September 1893, Courtesy Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

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Liz said...

It was an honor to feature you!