Sunday, October 23, 2011

Everything I Know about Love, I Learned from Romance Novels

Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books has written another funny, smart, insightful book about romance, Everything I Know about Love, I Learned from Romance Novels.

Some time ago, as she was working on the book, she asked me for my thoughts on romance novels.  I answered, at great length, unsparing, as always, in my exploitation of the English language's massive vocabulary.  I assumed she'd somehow scrape a useful word or two from the flood of prose.

Well, no.  Sarah gave me a whole chapter, titled, "Loretta Chase Pretty Much Knows Everything."  This is kind of funny: When I tell family members the same exact thing, they just laugh.  Sometimes they make rude noises.

Here at her Smart Bitch Sarah page, you can learn more about the book and, since she's making a number of appearances, you may discover an opportunity to hear her fight the good fight for romance in person.

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