Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recent foreign editions

Just thought I'd share two covers from abroad that arrived recently, both for Your Scandalous Ways, my Venice-set book.
 I scanned the spine on this Czech version to show the way the cover art flows into it.  I wonder if this cover has appeared elsewhere:  Amid the flowery lace is written 92 Pino.  Does anyone remember seeing this picture before? 


And here's the German edition:

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Beth Elliott said...

I really enjoyed 'Your Scandalous Ways', it is full of so much fun. I love the way the screeching villainess chucks the sapphires in the canal, because she only wants emeralds. And all those disguises...and the love scene in the campanile as the bell rings out...
The Czech cover seems to me to suit that country with a pale maiden and an exotic dark hunk. At least we see faces on both covers, not just naked female backs.