Thursday, September 30, 2010

1831 Archery Fashions

This is a continuation of my blog at Two Nerdy History Girls.  Following is the description for the second Archery Dress, from an  1831 La Belle Assemblée.  These are the sorts of fashions Olivia, of Last Night's Scandal, would have worn—and I have no doubt she was an expert archer.

A DRESS composed of white chaly,* with a canezou of blue gros de Naples. The front of the bust is ornamented in the hussar style, with white silk braiding and fancy silk buttons; plain tight back. Long sleeve sitting close to the arm, with a half sleeve, à  l’Espagnol, slashed with white figured gros de Naples. A row of rich white silk fringe is brought from the point of each shoulder in front round the back. Collerette of white tulle, of a novel form, fastened in front by a gold and pearl brooch. The belt fastens with a silver buckle curiously wrought; the accessories correspond in colour with the canezou.** White gros de Naples hat, ornamented with white ostrich feathers, and a gold button and loop. Half boots of blue kid.

*Chaly (Challi or Challis)—A very light and soft, plain woven dress goods in the 19th century in England, made of silk warp and worsted filling or of all wool, finished without any gloss. The figures were either woven or usually printed over a white or pale colored ground. (From Louis Harmuth, Dictionary of Textiles, 1915)

**Canezou: short chemise with or without sleeves, distinguishing feature was that it was tucked into a belt, where it stopped. (From Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion & Design)

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