Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Night's Scandal at Salon.com

June is starting out well.

Over at Salon.com, Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books has included Last Night's Scandal  on her short list of recommendations for summer reading .  Just scroll down to the "Once Upon a Time" part, and you'll find my new Carsington book listed, along with the latest by Joanna Bourne and Lisa Kleypas.

Behold us celebrating.


Anonymous said...

Great! I wish July 27 would come as quickly as possible. I've read the excerpt and keep wishing I can read the whole thing now.

Has Sarah received an advanced copy, by the way?

Loretta Chase said...

Oh, it's going to come quickly enough—and I'll be thinking of how far along I'm not with the current WIP. Yes, Sarah did get an advance copy—but you'll get the one without the weird little mistakes.